The Diabetes Center of Excellence is proud to offer our patients MyCareTeam Clinical (MCT Clinical), an online diabetes management system that allows you and your diabetes care provider to maintain regular contact and better manage your blood sugar levels, diet, calorie and carbohydrate counting for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

MyCareTeam lets you download your blood sugar readings from most meters through a secure Internet site and the data can then be easily added to your electronic medical record. Once the data is gathered, it can be accessed, evaluated and closely monitored by all members of your care team, improving your overall care and health.


Patient of the Month

Extraordinary Success Stories

Theresa Murray is celebrating gaining control of her diabetes; it is one of her biggest victories. She has had ups and downs since being diagnosed in 2009 but since starting to see Dr. Harlan, Terri has been enjoying a “total turn around.” Terri used to resist the idea of starting on Insulin, she had difficult time controlling her blood sugar as well as finding healthy food choices, and that situation made her feel hopeless and resigned. Terri has a traumatic family history of diabetes, her father lost his sight, lost his toes, was on dialysis, and ultimately passed away from the complications of diabetes. Lack of available information and diabetes education hampered Terri’s efforts in the beginning but after transferring to UMASS, her health situation has markedly improved. “Exercise is your biggest tool to fight diabetes,” she points out while telling her success story. In addition to a new vigorous exercise routine, Terri also met with a nutritionist and now plans her food shopping so that she always has something healthy in her fridge. She planted a garden to grow fresh vegetables and is learning how to preserve them. She is hoping to get off insulin soon and be a fun grandmother to her six grandchildren.


  • Sean Collins Promoted to Brigadier General

    One of the DCOE’s distinguished nurse practitioners, Sean Collins, PhD, UMMS Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Nursing, has been promoted to U.S. Army Reserves Brigadier General (BG) and will serve as a principal advisor to the Pentagon’s Director of Health Affairs on Guard and Reserve matters. BG Collins has served on the forefront of the diabetes epidemic for more than 30 years. He has seen the development of new insulins and other glucose control medicines, better pumps to administer insulin, improved systems for patient self monitoring, and new care management paradigms.  Moreover, he’s helped implement those treatment advances for his patients’ benefit.  He started as a clinical specialist in dialysis.  That work led him to realize that 60% of patients on dialysis had that fate due to either high blood pressure or diabetes, so he redirected his efforts toward prevention. While he sees diabetes patients at the DCOE, General Collins also works on preventing diabetes among military veterans. “In the military, we now focus on healthy life style,” says General Collins, as he champions diabetes prevention among soldiers, returning veterans, and civilians.


  • Dr. Louis Messina Fixes Rare Condition

    Dr. Louis Messina, UMass Memorial Medical Center's Division Chief for Vascular Surgery and an investigator at the Diabetes Center of Excellence, performed second surgery on a young woman with middle aortic syndrome, a disease found in less than 1 in 100,000 people. 


  • Michael Brehm Speaks at the Tumor Models Meeting

    Dr. Michael Brehm was invited to participate in the Tumor Models meeting recently held in Boston to lead a 3-hour workshop to discuss the advantage of using humanized mouse models to study human tumor-immune interactions. A focus of Dr. Brehm’s research program is to use immunodeficient mice engrafted with human immune systems to identify new targetable pathways that will promote immune responses to human malignancies. The workshop included a discussion on model selection, experiment design, data analysis.


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