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Cardiovascular Thrombosis Research Center

About Us

Welcome to the Cardiovascular Thrombosis Research Center, UMass Chan Medical School. The TRC, established in 1987, includes several distinct but integrated sections.

  • Clinical Trials
  • Epidemiology and Outcomes-based Research
  • Laboratory for Vascular Biology
  • Anticoagulation Services/Center for Patient-Empowering Therapeutics
  • Thrombophillia Center

Each section contributes to the TRC's stated primary goal of understanding the pathobiology, diagnosis and management of thrombotic disorders of the venous and arterial circulatory systems. The staff that includes physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses, pharmacists, social workers, technicians and educators is committed to raising the standard of patient care through scientific investigation, education, and evidence-based clinical practice.

Richard C. Becker, M.D., Professor of Medicine

Associate Directors: 
Mark Furman, M.D.
Frederick A. Spencer, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine

Laboratory for Vascular Biology Research: 
Youfu Li, M.D.

Anticoagulation Services/Center for Patient Empowering Therapeutics: 
Mary Sheehan, RN

Web-based Education Programs: