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Green Lawns and Stormwater
The way people care for their lawns has a big impact on the water quality of the nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. When it rains, stormwater runoff makes its way into local waterways, carrying with it excess fertilizer, yard waste, pollutants and trash. See article, May 2022.

image7elhh.pngAll Charged Up
UMass Chan Medical School has installed 32 electric vehicle charging ports, with financial support from National Grid as part of the company’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program. The new 16 dual-port level 2 stations were installed in the West parking garage. See article, January 2022.

imageuofm.pngMedical Students Organize Climate Elective
When four UMass Chan Medical School students wanted to learn more about the impact of climate change on public health, they didn’t wait for others to tell them. They took action. See article, April 2021.

imagewvqbc.pngSustainable Deconstruction
The steel, stone and concrete recently removed from the UMass Chan Medical School Worcester campus during deconstruction and excavation for a new research and education building will soon find its way into new building projects across the region. See article, October 2021.

Lead by Example

“Beyond the environmental benefits, which are important in their own right, our sustainability effort is fundamental if we are going to continue expanding our science and clinical operations. We need to grow, but in ways that have as little additional environmental impact as possible.”

-- UMass Chan Chancellor
Michael Collins, MD