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Who Developed StrokeSTOP?

StrokeSTOP was originally developed through a collaboration between the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association 

The Original UMass Medical 
School Project Team

Susan Billings-Gagliardi PhD
project director

Nancy Fontneau MD 
clinical neurology director

Jeanne Keller MD

Thomas Smith MD

Ken Wolf MD 
clinical neuroanatomy

Lyn Riza MS
technical & creative director

Andrea Barrett
web developer

Sunny Jaiswal
director of videography
Jon Anderson

Ralph Zottola, PhD, 
Stephanie DiGioia, 
Gary Englander, 
John Salonich,
James Tsakmakis, 
Paul D'Ambra

umass academic computing

Initially developed in collaboration with the
American Stroke Association Team

Faculty leaders at the PILOT medical schools

Larry Goldstein MD 
Duke University Medical Center

Chelsea Kidwell MD 
UCLA Medical Center

Hal Unwin MD 
University of Texas Southwestern Medical School