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UMass Intercampus Course Exchange

Choose a class on another campus in the UMass system.

The Intercampus Course Exchange (ICX) enables undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in classes on other campuses in the University of Massachusetts, beyond the one that is their home institution, without additional charge.

You may find this a convenient way to keep on track toward the completion of your degree or there may simply be a class that interests you and is not available on your home campus. Some courses are available in person, but the majority are offered remotely, and you will be enrolling alongside students from other UMass campuses.

The subject areas listed below are offering courses available to students on your campus. Follow the links for a list of classes in each field that are available to you across our whole UMass system.

The instructor will submit a grade at the end of the term to the registrar's office on your home campus and the class will be added to your transcript.

Enrollment directions are available on the ICX course pages.