What does it mean if a first or second year student asks me to become their "Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Advisor"?

Students typically select their "Capstone Project Advisor" advisor at the end of the first semester of their second year. In this role you would be responsible for:

  • Helping the student to focus the Capstone Scholarly Project (CSP) to the time available
  • Reviewing and advising on brief progress reports designed to support student work over time, the project proposal and final project write-up (due in the 4th medical school year)
  • Participating in project forum and assessment at the conclusion of the course

Because student projects can be completed in any of our 6 competency areas, and our students have a diversity of experience with designing and completing independent mentored work, this role will vary broadly from advisor to advisor. You may be asked to help the student identify resources (other faculty, community agencies, literature, lab experiences, etc.). Remember that this is the student's project, and you act as a resource, not the primary driver. The Capstone Faculty Committee and course leadership team are available to support you with any questions that may arise throughout the process. As many of you have had the experience cultivating a longitudinal relationship with a student before, you may find your role to be a familiar, but lesser commitment than working with a master's or doctoral level student.