I'm excited to serve as a Capstone project advisor for a group of students, but am now confused about the amount of time it will take. Have I really agreed to advise two individual projects?

Capstone group projects are allowed in order to support students working together, but in order to ensure that students complete similar levels of work for group and individual projects, we require students to independently submit their own work related to their specific aspect of the project. Our handbook states: “While 2-3 students may work together on a group project with one advisor, it is important to note that the responsibilities and task for each student must be clearly stated such that each member of the group is working to complete a distinct piece of the larger CSP.”

Thus while much of the project proposal may be similar (as it relates to a single project) some pieces should be different as it relates to the individual student’s component of the project. We anticipate advising a group project will not be the same level of work as advising two separate students, but by virtue of the fact that a group project involves more people and is more substantive, we expect it will require more time than a single student and single project.