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How do I use a pre-designed FCE for my Capstone?

FCE 385 Clinical Experiences in the Medical Care of Children in Foster Care*

FCE 385 Learning Objectives

    • describe the child welfare and legal setting in which children in foster care are placed
    • perform initial medical assessment of child entering foster care and comprehensive medical evaluation of child in foster care
    • demonstrate competency with medical literature on issues of children in foster care
    • explain the impact of childhood adverse events on health through the lifespan

Capstone project:
Developing medical student curricula for self-study related to foster care

The student with a Capstone titled above could use this existing FCE to obtain experiential learning regarding the foster care system; discuss valuable resources with supervisors in the FCE; receive feedback on their curriculum plan.  Review of the medical literature, which is an objective of the FCE, could be used to write the background for the Capstone.

*FCE PE 385 is not offered in AY1920