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AY 2020 - 2021 Flexible Experiences (FE) Calendar

note : Schedule is subject to change.

THEMATIC SECTION 1: Begins 06/01/2020
Block 1A | June 10 - June 26, 2020
Block 1B | June 29 - July 24, 2020*
Block 1C | July 27 - August 24, 2020
FE1 | August 31 - September 4, 2020

THEMATIC SECTION 2: Begins 09/07/2020
Block 2A | September 7 – October 2, 2020*
Block 2B | October 5 - October 30, 2020*
Block 2C | November 2 - December 1, 2020*
FE2 | December 14 - December 18, 2020

THEMATIC SECTION 3: Begins 01/04/2021

FE3 | January 4 - January 8, 2021
FE4 | January 11 - January 15, 2021
Block 3A | January 25 - February 19, 2021*
Block 3B | February 22 - March 19, 2021
Block 3C | March 22 - April 16, 2021

*The following dates are Federal Holidays: July 3, 2020; September 7, 2020; October 12, 2020; November 11, 2020; November 26, 2020; and February 15, 2021. Students should follow the clinical site policies regarding requirements for attendance.

Click to view the full Core Clinical Experiences (CCE) Block Calendar

updated 05/14/20 jgg

I am having trouble finding the self-enrollment option. Where can I find this?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer PeopleSoft Self-Enrollment for AY20-21. All scheduling and enrollment will be managed by FCE course leadership using the following model.

Step 1 | complete by May 30 2020 | Please submit the online Preferences form in which you will…

  • Identify which FCE weeks you plan to complete
  • Name first and second preference for Clinical Department in which the FCE will take place
  • If you wish to design your own FCE (Student Designed) you may indicate this; the full proposal will be due later

Step 2 | June – July 2020 | Kindly select specific experiences, based on your choices in Step 1, when notified by FCE leadership to do so.
Note: Student-designed experience proposals must also be submitted at this time.

What should I do if I have a terrible FCE experience?

Contact the FCE program administration immediately via

Must student-designed experiences have a clinical component?

Yes, all FCEs must be clinical in AY2020-2021, whether designed by faculty or students. However, exceptions can be made for particularly exciting opportunities.

Please contact the FCE Leadership to discuss potential non-clinical opportunities.

The physician I would like to work with provided care for me while I was in high school...

Generally, students may not be evaluated by a previous care provider. However, depending on the length of time since, and type of care provided, it may be possible to work with a physician of whom you have previously been a patient.

Contact the FCE Leadership team for a determination at

What should I know about drug testing?

Please note: For all drug screening tests, you must sign the consent form in the presence of the drug screening staff; please DO NOT sign the form ahead of time.

For rotations at Harrington Memorial Hospital (HMH), students are responsible for paying HMH the cost of the drug screen, which is currently $50.  You may obtain the urine drug test (HealthCare Professional Panel Drug Screen) at the HMH Employee Health Department, located at 32 Oakes Ave, Southbridge, MA. Appointments may be made by calling 508-765-3093. Students should download the Harrington Consent Form and take it to the drug screening office. You must sign the consent form at the time of testing at HMH. Following your test, please send a copy of the signed consent form to the Office of Student Affairs.

For rotations at St. Vincent’s, Baystate Medical Center, Southern New Hampshire, Reliant Medical Group, and/or Terra Vista students will have the testing performed at UMass Memorial Medical Center, through Employee Health Services (EHS), and they will not be required to cover the cost of the drug screen. You may obtain the urine drug test at the UMMMC employee health department, at 291 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA. You must make an appointment in advance by calling 508-793-6400. Students should download the UMass Chan consent form and take it to EHS for their drug screening. At the time of testing, students will be asked to sign the consent form. Following your test, please send a copy of the signed consent form to the Office of Student Affairs.

For all rotations, it can take up to 7 business days for results to become available. Results must be finalized before the first day of the rotation, so students should plan accordingly. Employee Health will forward your results to the Office of Student Affairs. Student Affairs will notify the site that you are in compliance with testing. Any positive tests will be reported to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Additional Information and Consent Forms are posted on the UMass Chan Office of Students Affairs

Could my supervisor on a student design be a nurse practitioner?

Yes.  Anyone with a terminal degree can be a supervisor for a FCE. 

If you choose to develop a student-design and have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

What are the student responsibilities prior to the start of an FCE?

  • refer to Day-One Instructions on the FCE handout to ensure that you report to right place at the right time
  • contact the FCE supervisor at least one week prior to the FCE start date to introduce yourself
  • contact the FCE administration as soon as possible if you have any problems contacting the FCE supervisor
  • contact the supervisor and the FCE administration if you are unable to show up for the first day of the FCE