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Submission Form | Reflection

The questions below are designed to help you consider your experience with this longitudinal scholarly project, and how it may influence scholarly work and professional and personal development as you progress through your career. Your reflection will be read by course leaders and Capstone faculty committee members. Any elements shared beyond this group will be de-identified and used to help outreach to other students and faculty, and to inform future directions for the course.

Please select one item (a, b, c) from each of the two categories, Project Development and Professional Development, to guide your reflection. We suggest you write your reflection into the Reflection Worksheet and then copy/paste into this submission form. 

Project Development

Question 1A

2 1/2 years ago you began to think about the Capstone -- what did you originally propose? What did you ultimately do? Every scholarly endeavor encounters challenges; how did you address the challenges of your project? Reflect on how you had to adjust and what you learned from the process.

Question 1B

Some students pick projects that are directly related to their career choice, others pick topics that are related to different interests. Either way, they may have an influence on scholarly efforts in residency and beyond. How did you select your project? If you were to do this again, would you use a similar process? Might you pick a different topic?

Question 1C

How did you advance the field or your understanding of it in your topic area? Are you planning to continue your work with this project? What is your next step?

Professional Development

Question 2A

If you were asked about your project during residency interviews, how do you think it impacted your discussions?

Question 2B

How did you balance your Capstone requirements with the more scheduled portions of the medical school curriculum? How might this skill be useful in residency? What did you learn about the difference between longitudinal, independent work, and time defined requirements?

Question 2C

If you plan to continue to work on your project, how do you think you will do this during residency?

Additional Mandatory Section for Senior Scholars students

Reflect on all three questions.

Elaborate on your decision to pursue Senior Scholars instead of Capstone in the AS year.

If you changed your Capstone topic at the time that you switched to Senior Scholars, what drove the change? Did the change achieve your goal? How did you communicate this with the advisor?

If you were a project team member, what was the impact of the change on the remaining members of the project team itself?

JAN 28 2020 | cjb