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Capstone Submission | FOM2 Spring Project Update

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate project progress
  • Identify resources and/or processes that will assist in the development of the project
  • Demonstrate project development

The Capstone Project Advisor approved FOM2 Spring Project Update form should be submitted to CSD no later than April 15. (Your LC Mentors recommend submitting prior to February 15 to avoid conflicts with high stakes exams.)

Note: we will not accept reports that have not been approved by the project advisor. Contact your CSD House Affiliate to arrange an alternate deadline if you will be unable to submit your Project Advisor approved Project Update by April 15.

General Information

Is this a group project?

  • If yes, provide the names of the other students in your group; include curriculum year if group spans multiple classes.
  • If no, skip to the Project Update section.


Include here any general comments, questions, or concerns for the Capstone course team.

For an immediate response, please email your Capstone House Affiliate directly; be sure to cc the Capstone course mailbox at


Project Update

Project Report Components

REMINDER | Submit the report sections you are required to complete for your curriculum year. You may also submit additional sections that you would like reviewed by your Capstone Affiliate.

Timeline | New or updated or annotated | Required 

Provide an updated timeline for work you will accomplish. Describe at least three next steps you will take to work on your project, and by what month(s) you plan to accomplish them. This may include designing or completing an FCE, IRB submission, updating a literature search, data collection, materials generation, etc.

Bibliography | New or updated or annotated | Required

A list of sources (books, journals, Web sites, periodicals, etc.) generated by an author when researching a topic.

Introduction | draft Introduction with Reference section | New or updated | Required by CCE Fall

Provide a 500-700 word Introduction section of your project topic; include appropriate in-text citations and a reference section.

Methods | draft Methods | New or updated | Required by CCE Spring

Provide a 250-700 word Methods section for your project, which is a detailed description of the processes for meeting the objectives of your Project.

Results | draft Results | New or updated | Recommended by AS Fall

Provide a 250-700 word (1-4 paragraphs) Results section for your project, where you objectively report your outcome with tables and figures if appropriate.

Discussion | draft Discussion | include only if other paper sections have been previously submitted

The Discussion section is where you respond to the question(s) you posed in the Introduction section.

Potential XX 412 Senior Scholars Transition Plan

note : this section must be completed if you plan to leave the Capstone course to complete the Senior Scholars elective.
  • Are you transitioning your Capstone into a Senior Scholars project on the same topic? If no, explain your rationale for changing your project topic.
  • Will your advisor remain the same? If no, how will you communicate this with your Capstone advisor?
  • Describe your rationale for changing from Capstone to Senior Scholars
  • Have you met with your Capstone House Affiliate; if not, when do you plan to do so?

With this submission, I have successfully submitted the following advisor-approved project updates, as well as any requested revisions.

note: the link produced with the file upload is not available after submission. Please email if you need access to the uploaded file.

Submitting your update sends an information email to the CSD team, your advisor (if address provided), and you. If you do not receive the information email, notify your Capstone Affiliate via thanks!

Updated November 9, 2018 | cjb