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Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Course | Project Ideas

The following UMass Chan student and institutional initiatives offer opportunities for longitudinal projects suitable to the Capstone framework. Please use the contact links below if you are interested in developing a “legacy project” that continues the work of your peers, or want to learn more about the different opportunities available across the University of Massachusetts campuses.


Educational Video Creation 

Interested in promoting best practice for educational videos? The Offices of Undergraduate Medical Education and Student Affairs have ongoing need for students to assist with designing and creating modules related to career development, curriculum, compliance, privacy and more. We would like to partner with you!  Experience in video technology not required. Please contact Melissa Fischer or Sonia Chimienti for details.  

Development and Implementation of an Academic EMR 

We are working with School and Clinical IT to create an Academic EMR based on the Epic platform that will help our students learn to utilize an EMR both efficiently and effectively, to teach informatics skills and engage them in a new form of interprofessional clinical learning from their first year in medical school.  This project holds many opportunities for interested students to complete Capstone projects.  Please contact with questions.

Flexible Clinical Experiences (FCE) Capstone Project 

Innovation in medical education: Do early opportunities for multiple student-driven electives have a favorable impact on the medical school experience?

As a comparatively new and continuously growing addition to the UMass Chan core curriculum, the FCE Program offers third year medical students opportunities to explore any aspect of healthcare by selecting from a variety of faculty designed experiences or an opportunity to design their own unique experience. Each year, 500 such experiences are completed. These experiences provide a host of points of analysis for the student who is attracted to the scholarly study of medical education.  

This potential Capstone project offers the opportunity to work closely with the FCE leadership team to develop, administer, interpret, and present course data about this new course. Specific topics may include how these experiences shape future career or residency decisions, analysis of goals achieved in global health experiences, student-design numbers as compared to faculty designed, student surveys of how the course can be improved – the topic list is endless! Though the Capstone deals with different aspects of this course, the learning experience will be applicable to the broader field of undergraduate medical education.

Contact us at UMass for more information.

UMass Chan Office of Research

UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) strives to catalyze our world-class basic research into scientific discoveries with high impact clinical applications and overcome the barriers in translating knowledge into clinical practice.

Established in 1970, UMass Chan has rapidly grown into a highly productive, highly collaborative research enterprise with outstanding scientific resources and facilities. The Medical School receives more than >0 million per year in research funding. Our research community includes a Nobel laureate, a Lasker award recipient, two members of the National Academy of Sciences, two members of the Institute of Medicine and seven Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators. Our research achievements have impacted the lives of children and adults in the US and across the globe.

Geriatrics Navigator Program


The Geriatrics Navigator Program is a novel UMass Chan Medical School (UMass Chan) geriatric curricular initiative that targets first and second year medical and nursing students. Initially conceived by a UMass Chan medical student, the program is based around the health care encounters of older patients in the ambulatory setting. Students are paired with older patients, whom they “navigate” through outpatient medical encounters to help the patient more fully understand health problems and treatments.

For further information, please contact

The Navigator Program was developed by the UMass Chan Medical School Advancing Geriatrics Education (AGE) program, which is supported by a grant from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.
© UMass Chan Navigator materials are subject to copyright protection.


Center for Public Health Practice


The Center for Public Health Practice represents a formal collaboration between the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health (WDPH), lead agency of the Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance (CMRPHA) and area academic institutions. This collaboration is meant to provide mutual benefits in teaching, research, and service, with academia informing practice of public health, and WDPH informing academic programs.

CPHP Brochure

Center for Public Health Practice website

eScholarship@UMass Chan

eScholarship@UMass Chan is a freely available digital archive and publishing system offering worldwide access to the research and scholarly work of the UMass Chan Medical School community. The goal is to bring together the University's scholarly output in order to enhance its visibility and accessibility.

The websites below list research and scholarly work of UMass faculty and staff. If you notice someone has research in the area of your interest, please contact him/her for potential advising and or collaboration.



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