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Capstone | Interested Project Advisor Submission

The Capstone Scholarship and Discovery course would like to extend our sincere thanks for your willingness to work as a Capstone Project Advisor. We recognize that you are very busy and appreciate your efforts. This is an important educational endeavor which could not be successfully completed without your help.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

For some student research projects, IRB approval may be necessary. Have you completed the CITI training?


Please acknowledge the following CSD advisor responsibilities.

  • As an advisor, I understand I am making a commitment to work with a student throughout the life of his/her Capstone project (approximately 1 hour per month for two years).*
  • I will facilitate a smooth transition to a new advisor in the event there is a change in my UMass Chan standing or responsibilities.
  • I will advise no more than one student or one small group of students (2-3) from each of the four curriculum years (no more than 4 projects at any given point).
  • I will advise only those students in whose projects I have expertise and interest.
  • I will provide guidance to the student as he/she develops, writes, and presents a Capstone project.
  • I will participate in the evaluation of my advisees' Capstone projects through the review of regular student generated reports, and other evaluations deemed necessary.
  • I will guide the student(s) through the appropriate IRB or IACUC process(es).
  • I will contact the Capstone Scholarship and Discovery course leadership immediately if I have questions, comments, or concerns.

*Capstone Project Advisor contribution to the Capstone Scholarship & Discovery course is represented through Educational Efforts Assignment to home academic department.

updated SEPT 19 2019 | cjb