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Year 4

Fourth Year Rotation Structure 

  • An elective fourth-year clerkship is offered for interested students who intend to pursue a career in otolaryngology or who wish to enter other fields but develop and refine their otolaryngologic diagnostic skills. Students work in both the outpatient and inpatient setting, participating in diagnosis, treatment and management of otolaryngologic problems and in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Research electives are also available. 

Applying to Residency

  • Please reach out to Dr. Ito if you are interested in applying

  • UMass Chan Medical School Alumni in Residency

2023: Maimuna Ahmad, UCSF (University of California San Francisco)
2022: Mark Liu (Cleveland Clinic), Prithwijit Roychowdhury (Washington University

2021: Mark Polanik (Penn State), Barry Kriegsman (University of Pennsylvania)

2020: N/A

2019: Kevin Liang (Cleveland Clinic), Danielle Trakimas (Johns Hopkins)

2018: N/A

2017: Natalia Kyriazidis (Upstate)

2016: Martha Lutje (University of Rochester)