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Current Members (2023-2024)



Council Chair: David McManus, MD - Medicine
Council Vice Chair: M. Diane McKee, MD, MS- Family Medicine & Community Health
Rules Committee Ad’l Member: Marian Walhout, PhD- Systems Biology

Voting Members - Department Chairs:        

Allison, Jeroan, MD - Population and Quantitative Health Sciences
Baldor, Robert, MD - Family Medicine@UMass Chan
Barrett, AM, MD- Neurology
Boney, Charlotte, MD - Pediatrics@UMass Chan Baystate
Budnik, Vivian, PhD - Neurobiology
Davis, Roger, PhD - Program in Molecular Medicine
Feldmann, Edward, MD- Neurology@UMass Chan Baystate
FitzGerald, TJ, MD - Radiation Oncology
Haessler, Sarah, MD, MS- Medicine@UMassChan Baystate
Harris, John, MD - Dermatology
Hicks, Richard, MD - Radiology@UMass Chan Baystate
Jabbour, Nicolas, MD - Surgery@UMass Chan Baystate
Jacobson, Allan, PhD - Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Johnson, Mark, MD, PhD - Neurological Surgery
Kelliher, Michelle, PhD- Molecular, Cell & Cancer Biology
Khan, Ashraf, MD - Pathology@UMass Chan Baystate
Kim, Daniel, MD - Otolaryngology
Litwin, Demetrius, MD - Surgery
McKee, Diane, MD, MS - Family Medicine & Community Health
McManus, David, MD - Medicine
Moore Simas, Tiffany, MD, MPH, MEd - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rathlev, Niels, MD - Emergency Medicine@UMass Chan Baystate
Rhein, Lawrence, MD, MPH - Pediatrics
Rock, Kenneth, MD - Pathology
Rosen, Max, MD - Radiology
Sankey, Heather, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology@UMass Chan Baystate
Sarvet, Barry, MD - Psychiatry@UMass Chan Baystate
Seddon, Johanna, MD, ScM - Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Schiffer, Celia, PhD - Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology
Sokoloff, Mitchell, MD, FACS - Urology
Stauff, Michael, MD - Orthopedics
Vieira, Peter, MD - Anesthesiology@UMass Chan Baystate
Volturo, Gregory, MD - Emergency Medicine
Walhout, Marian, PhD - Systems Biology
Walz, Matthias, MD - Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
Yonkers, MD - Psychiatry
Zamore, Phillip, PhD - RNA Therapeutics Institute 

Voting Members - Other:   

Flotte, Terence, MD - Dean, T.H. Chan School of Medicine
Lane, Mary Ellen, PhD - Dean, Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Mandrekar, Pranoti, PhD - Chair, Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Curriculum Committee
McMaster, Erin, MD - Chair, Educational Policy Committee
Munro, James, PhD - Vice-Chair, Faculty Council
Plasse, Mechelle, PhD, APRN- Chair, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing Curriculum Committee
Sadasivam, Rajani, MD - Chair, Faculty Council
Toye, Amelia, BS, RN, OCN, Student Government Alliance
Vitello, Joan, RN,PhD - Dean, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing


Ahn, Mary, MD - Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Artenstein, Andrew, MD - Executive Dean of UMass Chan-Baystate
Berryman, Jennifer, Vice Chancellor, Communications
Catanzano, Tara, MD- Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs- UMass Chan Baystate
Chakrabarti, Parth, MPH, MBA - Executive Vice Chancellor, Innovations & Business Development
Collins, Michael, MD - Chancellor 
Colombo, Lisa, DNP, MHA, RN - Executive Vice Chancellor, Commonwealth Medicine
Dickson, Eric, MD, MHCM - CEO, UMMH
Duncan, Marlina, EdD- Vice Chancellor of Diversity & Inclusion
Emerson, Charles, PhD- Director, Wellstone
Fino, Mireli, MBA - Executive Vice Chancellor for UMass Biologics
Fischer, Melissa, MD, Med - Associate Dean, UME
Frazier, Jean, MD - Executive Director, Shriver Center
Friedmann, Peter, MD, MPH - Associate Dean for Research@UMass Chan-Baystate
Gao, Guangping, PhD - Program Director, Gene Therapy Center
Gerber, Jonathan, MD - Vice Provost, Strategic Research Initiative
Gustafson, Michael, MD, MBA - President UMMMC
Harlan, David, MD - Co-director, Diabetes Center
Hayes, John - Vice Chancellor, Development
Hinchey, Kevin, MD - Associate Dean for Education- Baystate
Kedian, Tracy, MD - Associate Dean for Admissions
Larkin, Anne, MD - Senior Associate Dean for Educatoin (interim)
Lindstedt, John, CPA - Executive Vice Chancellor for Admin & Finance
Luzuriaga, Katherine, MD - Vice Provost, Clinical and Translational Research
Mattocks, Kristin, PhD, MPH - Associate Dean of Veterans Affairs
Menard, Alexander, MS, ANP-BC - Chair, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing Faculty Assembly
Rosal, Milagros, PhD - Vice Provost, Health Equity
Schaal, Shlomit, PhD - President, UMMMG
Schiffer, Celia, PhD - Director, Institute for Drug Resistance
Sell, Peter, MD - T.H. Chan School of Medicine Associate Dean of CME
Weaver, David, PhD - Director, NeuroNexus Institute
Weng, Zhiping, PhD - Program Director, Bioinforomatics & Integrative Biology
Wolf, Gregory - UMass Chan Chief Information Officer