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Continued Education

Curriculum - Lectures, Seminars and Meetings
We encourage the fellow to attend regional or national society meetings and to present their work. 

The fellow will be involved in

  • weekly division meetings to discuss cases, research initiatives, and patient outreach
  • two fellow led sessions per month reserved for a didactic presentation and journal club 
  • the education of neurology residents and medical students at UMass;
    • both in formal lectures to the residents related to multiple sclerosis,
    • during the residents’ rotations through the MS Center.

Weekly Tuesday - Interdisciplinary neurology conferences  
Fellows participate in weekly conferences with collaborative colleagues from neurosurgery, neuro intervention, radiology, and other specialty groups to provide level one patient care with a collaborative specialty focus.  The fellow must take part in at least one presentation during the training year. 

Weekly - case discussion forums  
Fellows participate in weekly division meetings, didactic lectures, research and case discussions presented to current attendings designed to:

  • Introduce new learning styles of approaching difficult cases  

  • learn to focus on specific and acute solutions via ongoing laboratory research and clinical trials  

The fellow will also enroll in  biostatistics and epidemiology night classes, beginning in September. Fellows are encouraged and supported to participate to ACTRIMS, ECTRIMS and CMSC meetings and present their research work.

Monthly Friday Journal Club  
Individual lectures are presented one time a month on Friday by fellows.