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Enhancing Fundamental Communication Skills: Patient Safety and Medical Error

Tufts Trigger Video Image The TUSM Macy Team produced a series of "trigger tape scenarios" depicting commonly encountered patient safety and medical error situations.  The scenarios, which have been produced in DVD format, provide a rich opportunity for case exploration, instruction, discussion and role play. The trigger tapes and accompanying curricular modules have been successfully used in workshop format with 3rd year medical students, residents, and faculty.  For additional information, contact TUSM Team Leader Kristin Dardano, MD

Trigger Videos
Click on links below right to view trigger video clips:

A Case of Pharyngitis
Cervical Biopsy
Mr. Sanchez
Susan's Delivery
Psych Admission?

The trigger tapes were produced by the Tufts Macy Mentorship Team, in collaboration with the UMass Macy Mentorship Program in Health Communication Education.  They are being made available for educational purposes only. 

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