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Burncoat Specialty Advisors

This list of House Specialty Advisors is comprised of UMass Chan faculty who are highly recommended by students and/or faculty peers as passionate ambassadors for their field. To learn more about a specialty that you are interested in exploring contact your House Specialty Advisor to arrange a meeting or time to shadow* them in the clinical setting. (If you do not hear back after reaching out with a couple of emails, it is fine to contact a House Specialty Advisor in another House). When you do meet with a House Specialty Advisor consider interviewing them about their field by asking questions such as those in the list linked to here.


For shadowing opportunities in a given field please contact your House Specialty Advisor, EXCEPT for dermatology and adult hematology/oncology. For observerships in those fields please contact the individual specified below:

Department Burncoat House Specialty Advisor
Anesthesiology Antonio Aponte-Feliciano email
(No Observerships*)
Leah Belazarian email
Emergency Medicine Richard Church email
Family Medicine-Primary Care Frank Domino  email or Melanie Gnazzo email
Family Medicine-Sports Medicine Adam Ridley email
Geriatrics Randy Morse email
Hospital Medicine Christine Donahue email or Jonathan Min email
Internal Medicine-Primary Care Mary O'Brien email
Internal Medicine-Cardiology Brigid Carlson email
Internal Medicine-Endocrinology Mira Sofia Torres email
Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology Dmitry Finkelberg email
Internal Medicine-Hematology / Oncology
(No Observerships*)
Doreen Brettler email
Internal Medicine-Infectious Disease  
Internal Medicine-Nephrology Matthew Niemi email
Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine / Critical Care Jeffrey Scott email
Internal Medicine-Rheumatology Deborah DeMarco email
Medicine / Pediatrics Dave Fish email
Neurology Kate Daniello email
Neurosurgery Oguz Cataltepe email
Obstetrics & Gynecology  
Ophthalmology Frank McCabe  email or Olga Ceron email
Orthopedics Nick DeAngelis  email
Otolaryngology Lindsay Sobin email
Palliative Medicine Martin Sheldon email
Pathology Ediz Cosar email
Pediatrics (General) Trish McQuiklin email
Pediatrics (Subspecialties) Ann Salerno email (Nephrology)
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Jennifer Baima email
Plastic Surgery Raymond Dunn email
Preventative Medicine Susan Hogan email
Psychiatry Isha Jalnapurkar email
Radiation Oncology David Goff email
Radiology Elisabeth Garwood email
Surgery Jennifer Davids email or Karim Alavi email
Urology Jennifer Yates email
Vascular Surgery Edward Arous email