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Specialty Advisors

Department Brightwood House Specialty Advisor
Anesthesiology Salima Powers email, Ravi Alluri email
(No Observerships)
Emily West email
Emergency Medicine Adam Kellogg email, Ben Osborne email, Liza Smith email
Family Medicine Robert Baldor email, Cortney Haynes email
Geriatrics Sik Kim Ang email
Hospital Medicine Christine Bryson email, Stephen Ryzewicz email
IM-Primary Care Stephen Ryzewicz email
IM-Cardiology Amir Lotfi email, Quinn Pack email
IM-Endocrinology Michele Gortakowski email
IM-Gastroenterology Jacob Alexander email
IM-Hematology / Oncology
(No Observerships)
Nageshwar Jonnalagadda email
IM-Infectious Disease Armando Paez email, Jacob Smith email
IM-Nephrology Dennis DiCampli email
IM-Pulmonary Medicine / Critical Care Fahad Alroumi email
Medicine / Pediatrics Maura Munoz email
Neurology Heydi Flores Podadera email
Neurosurgery Dennis Oh email
Obstetrics & Gynecology Carolyn Delk email, James Gebhardt email
Ophthalmology Brian Bredvik email
Orthopedics Lydia Parzych email
Otolaryngology Jacquelyn Reilly email
Palliative Medicine Christina Fitch email,Sik Kim Ang email
Pathology Lisa Cole email, Roxanne Florence email
Pediatrics (General) Hilary Branch email
Pediatrics (Subspecialties) Ian Goodman email (EM), Ruben Vaidya email (Neonatology), Stephen Boos email (Child Abuse)
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Barry Rodstein email, Julio Martinez-Silvestrini email
Plastic Surgery Jonathan Lee email, Benjamin Shalet email, Pranay Parihk email
Preventative Medicine Quinn Pack email
Psychiatry Stephanie Daly email
Radiation Oncology Michael Yunes email
Radiology Thomas Anderson email
Surgery Reginald Alouidor emailGeorge Orthopoulos email
Urology Lenny Shaker email, Michael Zavaski email
Vascular Surgery Matt Kronick email