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Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Many complex biological and biomedical problems are best analyzed through an interdisciplinary combination of approaches that may include classical genetics, molecular genetics, genomics/proteomics, biochemistry, and light and electron microscopy. The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP) supports and encourages graduate student training in interdisciplinary approaches to biomedical research. The IGP is characterized by a flexible graduate curriculum that is tailored to the specific needs of individual students and encourages rapid initiation of full time thesis research. Current membership in the IGP includes over 50 UMass Chan faculty, representing all of the basic science and several clinical departments. A weekly seminar series is sponsored by the Program in Molecular Medicine and features distinguished lecturers from around the world.  Faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows also participate in weekly journal club and research forums. For additional information about the IGP, contact the Director, Co-Director, or Administrator.

Program Director: Craig Peterson
Co-Director: Heidi Tissenbaum
Administrator: Joan Lynch