Can you use any of these items ?

These and more are waiting for you in S5-302 
office chairs
other carts
SWAP items screens
chart tags
metal stuff

Any student, faculty or staff member on campus is encouraged to bring useful work-related items to the SWAP Shop, and take items they can use. (Home goods are not accepted.) The room is open during regular business/school hours and operates on the honor system. People can drop off items at their convenience. When taking an item from the shop, people are asked to make note of it in the log book.

Acceptable Items

The SWAP Shop accepts office and lab equipment and supplies, but no chemicals, biologicals, isotopes, or needles. Any lab equipment must be appropriately decontaminated before being transported and dropped off at the shop. All computer peripherals that store information, like external drives or printers, must be wiped of all data by the helpdesk. Large pieces of furniture or major capital items are not included. Those items can still be repurposed, but should be handled through the UMMS Purchasing Department’s asset moving policy