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Dr. Joel Richter

Rescuing the Fragile X Syndrome by CPEB Depletion

This project investigates how CPEB depletion rescues translation and FXS phenotypes in mice.  This project is focused most strongly on molecular mechanism.  The first of three aims will investigate what factors associated with the CPEB complex ameliorate FXS phenotypes and rescue protein synthesis.  This aim will be performed in conjunction with Klann and the EAB core and will involve stereotactic injections of specific shRNAs into the FMRP KO mouse.  Aim 2 will be to perform ribosome profiling of FMRP/CPEB DKO mouse brains.  This aim will be coordinated with Bassell and Klann, who will be performing similar experiments.  This aim will require integration with the RB core.  The final aim will be to use a whole-genome method to investigate polyadenylation of mRNAs in the FMRP/CPEB DKO brain.  This aim again will necessitate the strong involvement with the RB core.

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