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Join Us & Lab Photos

Rotation students

We are very excited to host rotation students! Students will lead projects focusing on developing CRISPR tool to speed up cancer gene discovery and disease gene repair. If you are interested in the research in our lab, you are very welcome to apply. Rotation students will explore experimental techniques such as molecular cloning of CRISPR plasmids, measuring genome-editing efficiency, dissecting mice, and processing of tumor/tissue for histology and immunofluorescence staining. We aim to provide an interactive and fun research environment. Students will present at weekly lab meetings and attend RTI seminars.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We are looking for postdoc candidates interested in cancer biology, mouse models and genome-engineering. Please email CV and 3 letters of recommendation to Wen.Xue at

Lab news/photos:

RTI Bullet06-01-2022 Lauren Shumate started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet04-07-2022 Celebration for Jordan. 

RTI Bullet03-24-2022 Youwei Qiao joined the Xue lab for PhD thesis. Welcome!

RTI Bullet02-08-2022 Gavin Birdsall started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet11-15-2021 Youwei Qiao started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet6-1-2021 Jenny Gao started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet9-26-2020 Kha Uyen Dam started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet
3-20-2020 Jordan successfully defended thesis in Zoom! Congrats! 

RTI Bullet2-8-2020 Chunwei and Bin started in the lab. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet12-16-2019 holiday lunch. 

RTI Bullet
9-24-2019 Qiangzong Yin started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet7-15-2019 Celebrating Ankur’s successful defense.

RTI Bullet
7-1-2019 Max started in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet6-7-2019 Celebrating SuetYan and Ankur's paper accepted by Hepatology.

RTI Bullet
6-3-2019 Simon Wentworth started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet6-1-2019 Katarina Cheng started her MD Senior Scholars project. Welcome!

RTI Bullet4-1-2019 Vinita Chaudhari started rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet3-14-2019 Celebrating the Genome Medicine paper.

RTI Bullet
2-22-2019 Celebrating Jordan's F30 fellowship. Congrats!

RTI Bullet1-23-2019 Celebrating Chunqing and Tingting's paper accepted by Nature Biomedical Engineering.

RTI Bullet12-14-2018 Xue lab Holiday lunch. 

RTI Bullet12-10-2018 Wen Huang will start rotation in the Xue lab. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet 06-20-2018 Ann's birthday cake. 


RTI Bullet 05-30-2018 Chunqing's party to celebrate her faculty position at West Lake University. 

RTI Bullet 01-02-2018 Shun-Qing Liang started in the lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet 12-14-2017 Xue lab holiday lunch. 

RTI Bullet 09-25-2017 Paul Yan started rotation. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet 08-27-2017 1st Xue lab summer outting at the Nashoba Valle winery.

RTI Bullet 06-28-2017 Kevin O'Connor, 1st Year MD-PhD Student, started his rotation. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet 05-04-2017 Celebration for Haiwei and Jordan's Genome Biology paper.

RTI Bullet 05-01-2017 Yueying Cao started in the lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet 03-20-2017 Tingting Jiang started in the lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet 10-24-2016 SuetYan Kwan started in the lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet 09-01-2016 Ankur Sheel officially started in the lab. Welcome!

RTI Bullet 09-01-2016 Yingxiang Li finished research at UMass and will resume his PhD in China.

RTI Bullet 06-03-2016 Lowe lab reunion at the Cold Spring Harbor Cancer Symposium.

RTI Bullet 05-31-2016 Jordan Smith started her rotation! Welcome!

RTI Bullet 05-20-2016 Farewell to Soren Hough.

lab photo Soren

RTI Bullet 02-23-2016 Farewell to Angela Park.

RTI Bullet 09-12-2015 Happy Wedding, Zack! 

RTI Bullet09-02-2015 Yingxiang Li, a joint PhD student with Dr. Zhiping Weng, started in the lab. Welcome! 

RTI Bullet 07-22-2015 Ankur Sheel joined the Xue lab! Welcome! Ankur will start in the summer of 2016.

RTI Bullet 05-26-2015 Ankur Sheel, MD/PhD student, started his rotation! Welcome!

RTI Bullet 03-02-2015 Chunqing Song joined the Xue lab! Welcome!

RTI Bullet 02-26-2015 Bowling

RTI Bullet 01-26-2015 Michael Gallagher started his rotation! Welcome!

RTI Bullet 12-01-2014 Soren Hough joined the Xue lab! Zachary Kennedy started his rotation! Welcome!

 RTI Bullet 11-19-2014 Aizhan Bizhanova and Haiwei Mou joined the Xue lab! Welcome!

 RTI Bullet 9-1-2014 Angela Park joined the Xue lab! Welcome!