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Meet Our 2022-2023 Team

  • Ardrianna Howard

    Ardrianna Howard

    co-President, MS2

  • Meti Debela

    Meti Debela

    co-President, MS2

  • Abiola Ogunsola

    Abiola Ogunsola

    Treasurer, MD/PhD student (Graduate Student)

  • Oghomwen Ogbeide-Latario

    Oghomwen Ogbeide-Latario

    Secretary, MD/PhD Student (MS4 - Research Year)

  • Kareem Nunnally-Rivera

    Kareem Nunnally-Rivera

    MAPS Coordinator, MS2

  • Anthony Camargo

    Anthony Camargo

    Community Service Liaison, MS2

  • Marcus McKenzie

    Marcus McKenzie

    Social Media Chair, MS2

  • Amy Cheung

    Amy Cheung

    Webmaster, MD/PhD student (MS4)

  • Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia, MD, MPH

    Faculty Advisor

    Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Diversity
    Professor of Medicine and Family Medicine & Community Health

  • Jeroan Allison

    Jeroan Allison, MD, MS

    Career & Academic Advisor

    Chair and Professor of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences

Contact Us

UMass Chapter Email: umass@snma.org

SNMA National Chapter Website: http://snma.org/

  Follow us on Instagram @ummssnma to join our chapter in advocating for greater representation in medicine!