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RNAi Core Facility

At the end of June, management of the RNAi Core was transferred from the Research Core Administration to MCCB.  UMass researchers can continue to place orders using the core's order form which is currently still active.  If there are problems with the form, please email your order to Lynn Chamberlain at pamela.stlouis@umassmed.edu

The UMass Chan RNAi Core Facility houses the complete collections of human and mouse lentiviral short hairpin RNA (shRNA) libraries from Open Biosystems/GE Dharmacon, the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) cDNA Library, and the human and mouse CRISPR/Cas9 GeCKO v2 libraries from Addgene. They are available for distribution to UMass researchers (Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester campuses ONLY) at a reduced price.

Please note we have new ordering instructions. Please click on the Ordering Information link on the menu above. 

shRNA Libraries

We currently have the following genome-wide libraries available for distribution:

  • Human and mouse lentiviral (pGIPZ) shRNAmir libraries
    • Human releases 6.1 to 6.33 (~153,600 constructs)
    • Mouse releases 7.1 to 7.21 (~100,800 constructs)
    • Control clones (non-silencing, GAPDH and empty vector)
  • Human and mouse lentiviral (TRC) shRNA libraries
    • Human (~85,000 constructs)
    • Mouse (~79,000 constructs)
    • Control clones (empty vector and eGFP)

Complete information regarding the retroviral and lentiviral shRNAmir libraries and the lentiviral TRC libraries can be found on the Open Biosystems website. In addition, please refer to the Nature Methods paper and Nature Genetics Technical Report for information on the libraries.

Available Formats

shRNAs can be purchased as either single clones, pools (consisting of 5000 shRNAs/pool) for genome-wide screening, or sub-libraries in pool format.

Genome-wide pools

  • Lentiviral (pGIPZ) libraries
    • Human library: 32 pools
    • Mouse library: 21 pools
  • Lentiviral (TRC)  libraries
    • Human library: 22 pools
    • Mouse library: 24 pools

Sub-library pools

  • Lentiviral (TRC) libraries:
    • Human kinase family: 781 genes (represented by 4518 shRNA constructs) in a single pool
    • Human transcription factor family: 1314 genes (represented by 5959 shRNA constructs) divided into 13 pools (~500 clones per pool)
    • Human RNA-binding protein family: 1556 genes (represented by 7046 shRNA constructs) divided into 14 pools (~500 clones per pool)
    • Human chromatin modifier family: 395 genes (represented by 1875 shRNA constructs) divided into 8 pools (~250 clones per pool)
    • Mouse kinase family: 734 genes (represented by 3686 shRNA constructs) divided into 7 pools (~500 clones per pool)
    • Mouse chromatin modifier family: 396 genes (represented by 1724 shRNA constructs) divided into 7 pools (~250 clones per pool)

MGC Full-Length cDNA Library

The Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) cDNA Library contains a total of 16,953 human (6609 clones; 5537 unique sequences) and mouse (10,344 clones; 7718 unique sequences) sequence-validated full-length cDNA sequences in an expression vector (pCMV-Sport6). Information about the MGC library and the pCMV-Sport6 expression vector can be found at: http://mgc.nci.nih.gov/ and 
[NOTE: These websites are for informational purposes only. Do NOT use the MGC website to look up clone ID numbers; instead, download the list of available clones from our website (see below)].

The libraries are available to distribute to UMass researchers (Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester campuses) ONLY. Individual clones are available in DNA format (10ug) at the cost of $50 each. We also have plasmid preparation service at a cost of $20 for >200ug.

If you would like to check the availability of your clone, please log on to the order form and download the list of cDNA clones (in PDF format) we have in the core facility.

Our core facility has partnered with Transomic to provide all the MGC Full-Length cDNA clones at discount price. If you cannot find your cDNA clones in our list, please email us at shrnaclone@umassmed.edu. We will order them for you.

Besides MGC cDNA clones, we can order ORF from Transomic which are available as Gateway-adapted entry or lentiviral clones at discount price.

CRISPR target gene Set

We can also order for you from Transomic CRISPR transEDIT Target Gene Set or ransEDIT individual gRNA clone at discount price. They are in the format of

1. Lentiviral vector pCLIP-gRNA-EFS-Puro, also available with Blast, RFP, and ZsGreen
2. Lentiviral vector pCLIP-ALL-EFS-Puro (contains Cas9 and gNRA), also available wiht Blast, RFP and ZsGreen

Vector maps can be viewed at http://www.transomic.com/Products/Vector-Maps-and-Sequences.aspx

For further info, please email us at shrnaclone@umassmed

CRISPR/Cas9 Libraries

The GeCKO v2 libraries consist of over 100,000 unique guide RNAs for gene knock-out in either the human or mouse genome. Information about the libraries can be found at: https://www.addgene.org/crispr/libraries/geckov2/. The UMass Chan RNAi Core Facility has the libraries in a 2-vector format, which has the advantage of higher titer for the library virus but requires cells to already contain Cas9 (usually genomically integrated using lentiCas9-Blast). Protocols and references are available on the Addgene website provided above. The CRISPR libraries will be available as viral supernatant format. For details and pricing, please contact us at shrnaclone@umassmed.edu.