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Elective Experiences


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Megan Kelly, Ph.D.)
  • Tobacco Cessation (Megan Kelly, Ph.D.)
  • Behavioral Addictions (Shane Kraus, Ph.D.)
  • Peer Support Services (Patricia Sweeny, Psy.D.)

Addiction Treatment Center at Naukeag (Monika Kolodziej, Ph.D.)

Administrative Medicine (Amy Harrington, MD)

  • Potential for Lean Yellow or Green Belt

Public Health

  • Hector Reyes House (Caridad Ponce Martinez, MD)
  • Road to Care (Kavita Babu, MD)
  • Community Healthlink CH Inpatient Treatment (Caridad Ponce Martinez, MD)
  • Psychotic Disorders Clinical and Research Program (Xiaoduo Fan, MD)
  • Taunton State Addictions (Arikan)
  • Advocacy Marie Hobart, MD

Medical Toxicology (Kavita Babu, MD)

Alcohol-related liver disease

  • GI clinic (Deepika Devuni, MD)*
  • Liver Transplant (Brian Szetela, MD)*

Chronic Pain (James Ledwith, Jr., MD)

  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • Health Psychology

Novel treatments for Mood disorders

  • Esketamine clinic (Sophia Kogan, MD)


  • ECT, TMS, MDCS (Khurshid Khurshid, MD)

Harrington Hospital (Dorota Poluha, MD)

  • In-patient co-occurring disorders
  • Addiction urgent care
  • Partial hospitalization

Women’s Mental Health

  • Karen W Green Clinic for Pregnancy & Recovery (Katherine Callaghan, MD)
  • MCPAP for Moms (Nancy Byatt, MD)
  • Women & Addictions Research (Kimberly Yonkers, MD)

Child & Adolescent Experience

  • College Mental Health Program (Brian Skehan, MD)
  • Adolescent Continuing Care Units

Forensic Addiction Psychiatry

  • Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital
  • UMass Chan Forensic Evaluation Service