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Classroom Components

Below are some of the technology components available for use within the Integrated Teaching and Learning Center (iTLC). 

Air Media Connections

 Air Media

A source that allows you to wirelessly present your screen from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone (Android or iOS). (See More Information)

Audio & Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Image
Interact with other campus attendees and share presentations. 
(See More Information)

Lecture Capture

Echo360 Device MonitorThe ECHO 360 system digitally records lectures and delivers them for later viewing. (See More Information)  

LCD Screens

LCD Screen Image
2 Large in each room
5 Small in rooms A and D 
4 Small in rooms B and C
(See Room Configurations)

PowerUp Units

powerup unit image 
Each table is equiped with:

2 Power Receptacles 
2 Ethernet Ports 

Wall Plate

Wall Plate Image
Located in the center of the LCD displays in room are wall plate connections for HDMI and Audio connections. 

No Food or Beverages Allowed!

Please help by enforcing this safety and maintenance rule - one spill can be very costly!