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Our Team

  • Ratna Chaturvedi

    Ratna Chaturvedi

    Director of Quality Assurance

    I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMass Medical School, in the Department of Neurobiology. My expertise in neurobiology has been technically polished and intellectually refined as a scientist. My training in the field of basic and advanced neurobiology has helped me to inculcate the capacity to address prevalent and burning scientific questions to approach them in critical, scientific and passionate manners. As a MassTERi Entrepreneurship Club (eClub) steering committee member, I am interested in learning new entrepreneurship skills necessary for drug discovery, development and understanding commercial challenges of new therapeutics.

  • Peren Coskun

    Peren Coskun

    Director of Communications

    I am a graduate student in Sean Ryder’s laboratory, and I study post-transcriptional regulation of mRNAs in C. elegans germline. I am interested in business of science, healthcare, and consulting.

  • Karthik Dhatchinamoorthy

  • Feng Damon Wang

    Feng Damon Wang

    Damon is a Ph.D. candidate working on RNA therapeutics for neurological diseases such as Friedreich's Ataxia. He is inspired by biotech entrepreneurship in Kendall Square and has been consistently learning the ecosystem of biotech industry especially investment. 

  • Anna Wortman

    Anna Wortman, Ms.

    Director of Marketing

    Anna is a graduate student in the lab interested in molecular and structural biology. Currently, her research focuses on utilizing techniques like electrophysiology and cryo-EM. With her thesis research, she's working towards determining the structure and function of MS4A proteins. Outside of lab, Anna is the Marketing Director for the UMMS Entrepreneurship club and writes articles covering recent biotechnology news.