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Lawson Lab personnel

Nathan Lawson
Nathan received his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Rhode Island in 1994 and his PhD from Yale in Biology in 1999. After a postdoc at National Institutes of Health, he joined the UMass Chan Medical School in 2002.  He is currently a Professor in the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Cancer Biology.

  • Feston Idrizi

    Feston Idrizi

    Academic Role: Graduate student

    After receiving his B.A. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Clark University in Worcester, Feston joined the Lawson Lab as a technician. He is now a graduate student in the lab studying the development of vascular mural cells.

    See Feston's Lawson Lab publications

  • Amy Kolb

    Amy Kolb

    Academic Role: Research technician - aquatics

    Amy graduated from Hofstra and obtained her Masters degree in marine biology from University of Rhode Island. Amy joined the Lawson Lab in 2020 and is currently responsible for overseeing zebrafish stocks, line maintenance, and supporting generation of new transgenic and mutant lines.      

  • Sarah Oikemus

    Sarah Oikemus, PhD

    Academic Role: Research Scientist

    Sarah received her Ph.D. from the UMass Chan Medical School and joined the Lawson lab in 2020. Sarah's current projects focus on optimizing conditions for targeted knock-in in the zebrafish genome. She is also working on cell-based and zebrafish models for Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

  • Masahiro Shin

    Masahiro Shin, PhD

    Academic Role: Assistant Professor

    Masahiro received his Ph.D. from the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan. He has been funded in the Lawson Lab by fellowships from the the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Uehara Memorial Foundation. He is currently studying lymphatic development in the zebrafish.

    See Masa's Lawson Lab publications

  • Ryan Singer

    Ryan Singer

    Academic Role: Research technician

    Ryan joined the lab in 2022 after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He works with Masahiro Shin on studies relating to lymphatic development and applying conditional genetics in zebrafish.