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Culture - advancing careers at UMass Chan
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We’re serious about our mission and about our people. Our commitment to excellence, diversity, benefits and work-life integration allows us to offer professionally rewarding careers as we positively make a difference in the health of people around the globe. 

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Real World Impact

Our people get excited about our mission of real-world impact in health sciences education, research and public service.

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International Prominence and New Opportunities

As UMass Chan Medical School has grown to national—and international—prominence, we’ve found new opportunities to train tomorrow’s physicians, nurses and scientists; discover causes of and cures for disease; and help improve the quality of health care.

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Deep Commitment

With our clinical partner, UMass Memorial Health Care, and our other teaching affiliates, we share a deep commitment to national distinction in patient care.

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Valued Collaboration

ForHealth Consulting and MassBiologics are valued business units of UMass Chan that help us provide services and programs to meet the needs of the public.

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Proud Contributors

People at UMass Chan enjoy the highly fulfilling feeling of going to work every day knowing what they do is truly important and worthwhile.

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Enriched Quality of Life

UMass Chan's Work-Life & Wellness Program supports the Medical School’s mission of being a workplace of choice. We provide a wide range of programs and services to help faculty and staff be fully engaged and achieve a healthy mix between work and personal life. This will maximize the productivity and successes of our diverse community and enhance the quality of life for all.

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Complementary and Inseparable

These varied parts of our mission and culture are complementary and inseparable and is what sets us apart from others. Each part represents a unique strength and pieced together contributes to what differentiates UMass Chan and makes it whole.

Learn more about UMass Chan Medical School and how it is shaping the future of medicine!

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