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Degree Conferral & Commencement

Degree Conferral

UMMS confers degrees four times each year (the Sunday after Memorial Day (Commencement), August 31, December 31, and March 31). A student’s degree will be conferred on the first date following completion of all requirements.

Dissertation Completion and Commencement

The preparation for the annual Commencement ceremony introduces deadlines that are not controlled by the GSBS. If a student wishes to participate in Commencement, each of the following requirements must be satisfied without exception: 

  1. The student must submit their Dissertation Examination Committee selection form to theGSBS office no later than March 1 
  2. The student must submit their Thesis Defense Notification form to the GSBS office nolater than March 10 
  3. The student must submit their Thesis Dissertation to their DEC no later than March 15
  4. The student must successfully defend their Thesis no later than April 1
  5. The student must complete their Thesis Dissertation edits, have them approved by theDEC Chair and deliver the appropriate signed defense outcome form indicating this approval to the GSBS office no later than May 1  


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Project Coordinator
GSBS Student and Academic Affairs