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GLRT Version MBoCSingle-molecule detection in fluorescence nanoscopy has become a powerful tool in cell biology but can present vexing issues in image analysis, such as limited signal, unspecific background, empirically set thresholds, image filtering, and false-positive detection limiting overall detection efficiency. Here we present a framework in which expert knowledge and parameter tweaking are replaced with a probability-based hypothesis test. Our method delivers robust and threshold-free signal detection with a defined error estimate and improved detection of weaker signals. 

DIPimageDIPimage is a MATLAB toolbox for scientific image processing and analysis developed at the Delft University of Technology. It is designed to make Matlab more suitable for image processing by bringing ease of use, simple expandability and compact notation to matlab, as well as a wealth of pre-implemented functions. DIPimage simply makes your life much easier when it comes to image processing and can be downloaded free of charge.