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Office of Sponsored Programs


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports faculty and staff as an information resource on all aspects of research administration from idea to award.  We provide assistance in locating sources of funding, reviewing and approving proposals, negotiating grants and contracts, and development and dissemination of institutional policies related to research administration.


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Grant Accounting & Compliance


Grant Accounting is responsible for all financial processes related to restricted fund activities. This includes all "post-award" functions of sponsored research. These include establishing chartfield strings and budgets for new grants, setting up budgets, reviewing and approving all encumbrance documents for appropriate funding. We also review and are responsible for adherence to applicable Medical School and funding agency policies, billings, Financial Status Reports (FSR's), and reconciliation and closing of accounts.


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Cost Analysis & Compliance


The Cost Analysis & Compliance department provides a wide range of services and oversight relating to ensuring the University is in compliance with the Uniform Guidance and the Cost Accounting Standards which are the principles for determining the costs applicable to research and development, training, and other sponsored work performed by colleges and universities under grants, contracts, and other agreements with the Federal Government. These agreements are referred to as sponsored agreements.


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