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Information for Graduates and Transfers to Other Medical Schools

Account Numbers: Account numbers include codes for type of contract, and the borrower's social security number. See the chart displayed in the section labeled Versions.

Forbearance Process: Borrowers eligible for forbearance, i.e., transfers to other medical schools and medical residents or fellows, print the forbearance form, complete the form accurately, and send it to the FAO at UMMS.

Monetary Payment: Five and one half months after ceasing forbearance, borrowers who do not qualify for service payback contact ECSI to request that accrued interest be Capitalized, i.e., added to the principal (so that it is not all due in the first payment) and pay bills as they come due. Borrowers wishing to make automatic electronic payments need to contact ECSI. Delinquent accounts will be sent to collection, and delinquent borrower's academic records will not be released until account is current.

Postponement Form: At the beginning of each year (period of 12 months) of qualified service payback (list of qualified services), borrowers print the Postponement Form, complete it accurately, have it signed, and send it, along with a copy of their job description, to the FAO at UMMS. After the Learning Contract Advisory Group approves the employment for service payback, UMMS notifies ECSI to put the account in Postponement (suspended billing) status. Job descriptions for the Learning Contract must include the following information on letterhead from employer: dates of service, number of hours worked per week, description of employment, and signature and title of authorized individual (human resources, business manager, supervisor or program director).

Postponement form for:  Primary Care, Public Service or Community Service

Postponement form for:  Underserved 

Cancellation of Learning Contract: After a graduate completes their service they will print a Cancellation form, complete it accurately, have it signed, and send it, to the FAO at UMMS. After the Learning Contract Advisory Group formally votes to approve the service payback, the Dean of the School of Medicine will return the original Learning Contract and all Schedules of Payment to the borrower.

Learning Contract Advisory Group (LCAG): The LCAG comprises, faculty, administrators, and a student. The group recommends policy to the Dean of the School of Medicine and reviews borrower requests for Postponement, Service Payback, and consideration of special circumstances. The LCAG meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from September to June. During Academic Year 2013-14, members include:


Constituency Represented

Dr. Sonia Chimienti

Chair, Learning Contract Advisory Group

Kendall Knight

Basic Science Faculty

Marilyn Leeds

Graduate Medical Education

Benjamin Nwosu     

Clinical Faculty

Daniel Lasser  

Center for the Advancement of Primary Care

Sharon Wretzel 

Baystate/PURCH Representative

Linda Cragin


Shawn Morrissey, ex officio (non-voting)

Director of Financial Aid

Michael Baker, ex officio (non-voting)


Tina Sasseville, ex officio (non-voting)

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Laura Harris, JD, ex officio (non-voting)

Office of General Counsel