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Our Signature Program

For over 26 years, UMass Chan faculty from the departments of Family Medicine and Community Health, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics have trained over 1,900 clinical faculty and preceptors from across the Northeast and beyond.  TOT focuses on building and refining foundational skills for effective clinical teaching in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings.  Preceptors from any specialty and discipline will enhance their clinical teaching skills through discourse and practice.  TOT also provides valuable opportunities to network with other clinician educators. Our award-winning faculty utilize the principles of adult learning, drawing on participants’ experience and building knowledge through dialogue.  The conference provides frequent opportunities to practice and assess new skills in a safe and fun environment.

Two levels are offered:

  • Track 1 - Foundation of Clinical Teaching and Educational Planning
  • Track 2 - Building Your Career as a Clinician Educator (Advanced Program for Graduates of Track 1) Not offered for the 2023-2024 cohort.

Read what our students have to say:

"Thank you and all the faculty for a wonderful course. For me it serves both to instruct and to allow me to interact with wonderful, caring, smart faculty who are not only teaching but modeling, consciously, professionalism... I am especially grateful for the observed small group sessions with expertly facilitated discussion of role played clinical scenarios, taught and reinforced viscerally the skills fundamental to student-focused teaching, guidance, feedback. The comments from those sessions and from the last large group meeting, are still vivd. So, Thank You, very much."

"Loved the exercise.  Helped illustrate the point and keep learners engaged."

"Small group work is fantastic - really allows time for processing and applying concept."

"Thank you for putting together such a great program and weekend.  I felt like I learned so much from my fellow TOT participants - great sense of community which energized me."


Woman with TOT book