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The NeuroNexus Institute at UMass Medical School

Nexus: a connection, hub or junction, a connected group or series, the center or focus.

  • The NeuroNexus Institute at UMass Medical School brings together basic scientists, clinicians and trainees with the goal of understanding nervous system function and dysfunction, leading to improved diagnosis and treatment of neurological, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders.
  • Institute faculty also teach, supervise and mentor the next generation of academic and industry leaders, medical practitioners and educators. 
  • Our community also reaches out to increase public awareness of nervous system function and diseases, of fact-based scientific investigation, and to reduce the stigma of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
  • Please explore these pages to learn more about our people, projects and progress.

Our Mission: From Discoveries to Therapies

The mission of the NeuroNexus Institute at UMass Medical School is to catalyze interactions between basic scientists and translational or clinician scientists, forming interdisciplinary teams that tackle innovative projects, achieve breakthroughs in basic neuroscience knowledge, and accelerate development and implementation of innovative therapies to treat neurological conditions.

Our Vision

To integrate our extensive local community of basic and clinical neuroscientists into a hub of interactions, leading to innovation, discovery and development of new treatments for neurological disorders, and attract diverse funding sources.

Our Approach

  • Understand principles of nervous system physiology
  • Leverage these principles of neuroscience to understand disease mechanisms
  • Accelerate treatments
  • Educate future generations of academic leaders and medical practitioners
  • Impact patient care
  • Reach out and Educate the public of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond