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Wilderness Medicine Elective 4th Year Students

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General Elective Information

This Wilderness and Environmental Medicine elective is probably the oldest wilderness medicine elective in the country. It was started at UMass Chan Medical School in the 1980s by William Houghton, MD as part of the department of Family Medicine. He ran this course solely until 2001 when Matt Sholl, MD, from Maine Medical Center, first became involved.  In 2006, the elective took a new home in the Department of Emergency Medicine still at UMass but run almost entirely by faculty from MMC.   After more than 30 illustrious years with UMass the course took a new direction.  In 2014 the faculty moved the course to their home institution of MMC, this means the course is now registered through Tufts University School of Medicine.  We are proud to take this course with a rich and storied history into new grounds with continued improvements and growth.

With the new location we have a new website and contact information.  Please check out our new site at

Contact Information:

For further information please email:

Sara Nelson, MD  OR  Garreth Debiegun MD Co-Directors, Wilderness Medicine Elective