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Lab Members

Davis Lab group picture

  • Kathy Gemme

    Kathy Gemme

    Academic Administrator II

    Kathy is an academic administrator and supports PMM and the Davis Lab. She has been with the lab since 1996. Outside of work, she enjoys the beach and outdoor activities.

  • Julie Cavanagh Kyros

    Julie Cavanagh Kyros

    Lab Manager/Research Specialist

    Julie received her B.S. in Biology from Eastern Nazarene College. She has been a lab member since 1994. Julie is involved in multiple projects within the lab.

  • Zeynep Itah

    Zeynep Itah

    Graduate Student

    Zeynep received her B.S. and M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir/Turkey and Sabanci University, Istanbul/Turkey, respectively. She has been a lab member since 2014. Her work is focusing on the role of JNK pathway in miRNA regulation in breast cancer. She likes swimming, cycling and playing tennis. 

  • Alexis White

    Alexis White

    Undergraduate Intern

    Alexis is attending The University of Arizona and is majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology.   She began her internship in the lab in 2017.  Alexis enjoys running, hiking and traveling.

  • Sasha (Alexandra) Lee

    Sasha (Alexandra) Lee

    Graduate Student

    Sasha received her B.A. in Biology from Boston Univeristy. She has been a lab member since 2018. Her work involves studying the role of JNK isoforms in obesity/diabetes using both mouse and cell line models.  In her free time, she enjoys doing hot yoga and cooking.

  • Shanzah Chaudhry

    Shanzah Chaudhry

    Research Associate

    Shanzah received her B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology from Framingham State University. She joined the lab in 2018 and is involved in multiple projects within the lab.  Outside of the lab, she enjoys pilates kickboxing and traveling.

  • Aafreen Syed

    Aafreen Syed

    Research Associate

    Aafreen recently graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelor's in Biology and a minor in Neuroscience. She plans to pursue her career and future studies in the field of Biotechnology as she hopes to help advance modern medicine through her passion for research. In her free time, Aafreen enjoys watching political dramas and exploring new cities.

  • Julie Giacobbe

    Julie Giacobbe

    Administrative Assistant II
  • Mo Re Kim

    Mo Re Kim

    High School Intern
  • Zachary Kyros

    Zachary Kyros

    High School Intern

    Zachary Kyros has joined the Davis Lab as a High School Intern.   Outside of school and work, he is active in many sports, including basketball and soccer.

Lab Members