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Current Services (Staff Assisted for Regular Users)

Data Collection

  • Cryo-EM imaging - low-dose, at liquid nitrogen temperature
  • High image quality, high throughput
  • Automated cryo-ET data collection
  • Automated single particle data collection
  • Remote data collection options

Sample Preparation

  • Prepare cryo-EM grids using FEI Vitrobot freezing machine

Cryo Grid Screening

  • Screen cryo grid conditions on auto-loader scope will save huge mount of time
  • Screening will provide low mag atlas, medium mag montages for a few good meshes
  • It will also take a few shots in each mesh

Prospective Services

Image Processing

  • Preliminary data processing for aligning movie frames in fly during data collection
  • 3D reconstruction for tomography data
  • 3D reconstruction of single particle data for regular sample such as icosahedral viruses


  • Basic theory of electron microscopy
  • Hands-on training of basic TEM operation using existing EM Core Facility
  • Advanced training on TEM operation using SerialEM
  • Hands-on training for operating Titan Krios and Talos-Arctica
  • Negative stain sample preparation
  • Cryo-EM sample preparation