MBSR Supervision | SR-503

SR-503Train-the-Trainer: MBSR Supervision

Five Online Live Sessions

In this sequence of five online sessions, the MBSR teacher-trainer learns to conduct strategic and supportive group and individual supervision that furthers the advancement of an MBSR teacher. Through study, direct experience with peer supervision, giving and receiving feedback, and review of documents and protocol, the teacher-trainer develops a foundational knowledge of MBSR Supervision. Teacher-trainers provide case examples of how to raise questions related to the supervisee’s meditation practice, teaching challenges, curriculum comprehension, perceptions of self and class participants, and how gender, class, race, culture, ethnicity, and ableness influence perceptions.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe methods to establish and maintain the supervision learning contract, including designing additional assignments and practices to support the supervisee
  • Critically examine and explicate one’s own learning experiences, including that of being a supervisee
  • Explain the structure and process of a typical supervision session
  • Demonstrate supervision skills of attentive listening, curiosity and inquiry
  • Demonstrate skill in offering both supportive and constructive feedback
  • Discuss and utilize methods to increase cultural humility


  • Apply the MBSR teacher assessment and competency criteria
  • Summarize the purpose, principles and ethics of MBSR teacher supervision
  • Refine methods of working with a group, including influence of one's own sociocultural perceptions
  • Examine and demonstrate how inquiry can be used to facilitate deeper learning
  • Develop and deliver case studies

Course Overview

In this sequence of five live online supervision sessions, the teacher-trainer learns how to conduct targeted supervision that furthers trainees’ development as MBSR teachers. Topics include:

  • adherence to the MBSR curriculum
  • comprehension of the ethos of MBSR
  • building relational trust within supervision
  • how to promote an atmosphere of openness in the MBSR class
  • demonstrating and teaching attentive listening
  • encouraging interest and curiosity in trainees
  • demonstrating how inquiry and challenge can further MBSR practice in the classroom

Supervision trainers are guided in methods that encourage and strengthen the MBSR teacher’s development by confirming skillful teaching and challenging limiting constructions. In this highly experiential course, participants engage with practice teaching of supervision with other members and deliver case studies.