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MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive |SR-402

SR-402 MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive

This advanced MBSR professional education and training course is a personally demanding and intensive exploration of the content of the 8-week MBSR course curriculum through small group learning activities and practice teaching experiences. 

Conducted over eight consecutive days, students are immersed in MBSR underpinnings and methodology, Standards of Practice, specifically identified MBSR teacher competencies and pedagogical approaches. Experiential learning of the MBSR curriculum is enhanced through simulated peer teaching and feedback from both peers and senior MBSR teachers. Within this setting, taking on the role of the teacher hones teaching skills and deepens the ability to guide all aspects of the MBSR course. Participants teach various components of the curriculum in order to demonstrate knowledge and capacity in guiding others in MBSR.

This course meets for eight continuous days during which full attendance is required.

Upon successful completion of MBSR Practice Teaching Intensive (SR-402), prospective MBSR teachers are authorized by the CFM to offer full 8-week MBSR classes to the public.  Additional education is required to obtain qualified status and to become a Certified MBSR Teacher and listed on the CFM MBSR Teacher Registry

Following SR-402, students complete a self-assessment of MBSR teacher competencies based on the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) and engage in a process of self-development through required group and individual supervision and on-going self-evaluation.


Educational Objectives

  • Study, in detail, the MBSR methodology, and theoretical and pedagogical underpinnings
  • Describe MBSR Standards of Practice and teacher competencies established via the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC), with particular emphasis on three competency domains: 1) coverage, pacing and organization, 2) conveying course themes through interactive dialogue and 3) holding the group environment
  • Apply knowledge and demonstrate skill in guiding MBSR mindfulness meditation practices as well as practice-teaching didactic elements of the 8-week MBSR curriculum
  • Integrate consistent and detailed peer and senior MBSR teacher feedback on practice teaching of MBSR components
  • Analyze and demonstrate the precise use of language to enhance clarity of instruction, practice guidance and class dialogue
  • Demonstrate teaching that displays a working knowledge of identified MBSR teacher competencies via the Mindfulness-Based Interventions Teacher Competency Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC)
  • Identify and articulate the research implications of the MBSR approach and its utility for referring physicians, psychologists and other healthcare professionals

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate theory, content, and presentation of 8-week MBSR course curriculum with an emphasis on the role of the teacher
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ethos, structure and pedagogy of MBSR
  • Examine and apply the language and methods used for teaching and guiding others in the formal and informal practices of mindfulness meditation in the 8-week program, with adaptations needed for various settings
  • Articulate and demonstrate the experiential, didactic, conceptual and practical elements of offering an 8-Week MBSR course


  • Apply knowledge and demonstrate skill in delivery of key elements of MBSR curriculum
  • Apply the range of MBSR foundational competencies and teaching skills, including embodiment of mindfulness, inquiry, dialogue, and holding the group learning environment in meeting difficulty and evoking potential for human flourishing
  • Demonstrate proficiency in guiding others in a range of MBSR meditation practices
  • Develop an increased capacity for sustained dynamic stability in the midst of uncertain and demanding classroom situations and circumstances

Please make sure that your retreats meet the following guidelines: 

  1. 5-7 full days in length
  2. Held in complete, noble silence
  3. Must be teacher-led (live, in-person – no recordings/videos of teachers)
  4. Must be in a group setting (no 1:1 retreats)

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