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Workplace MBSR Programs

Flexibility · Resiliency · Strength

Take a mindfulness-based approach to better health

Simple and accesible to all, CFM MBSR workplace programs empower individuals, groups, and teams to fully participate in their own health and wellness.

These programs offer effective, sustainable, and continually-researched methods for integrating mindfulness into the workplace.

Research data collected from our workplace programs show:

  • 32% decrease in medical symptoms
  • 29% decrease in perceived stress symptoms
  • 26.5% increase in acting with self-awareness
  • 13% increase in self-efficacy
  • 26% increase in observational skills
  • 25% increase in non-reactivity
  • 22% increase in non-judgement

How does it work?

The mindfulness-based trainings and services are tailored to your organizational needs, in a wide range of educational frameworks and timeframes:

  • one and two hour training sessions
  • half- and full-day trainings
  • weekend training retreats
  • multi-week programs
  • comprehensive multi-module programs and services

Programs can be conducted onsite at your organization, or at the Center for Mindfulness in Shrewsbury, MA.

How do we get started?

For more information about courses or to discuss customized training programs, please fill out and submit our Contact Form.