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After 12 highly successful years of hosting our annual international scientific conference, Investigating and Integrating Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society , we are making some notable changes in our programming initiatives  by taking advantage of our new facility and an array of international venues being offered to us.

In October 2014, we hosted a two-day conference at our new home, the Hoagland-Pincus Building, set on several acres of flowering trees, gardens, and walking paths in Shrewsbury, MA, a quiet suburb of Worcester.  The focus of the conference was teaching MBSR: an instructional intensive.

In Support of
Collaboration, Dialogue and Dissemination

Scientific Meetings

International Scientific Conference since 2003

Acclaimed by the scientific and contemplative communities on six continents, this has been a unique international meeting of world-renowned researchers, clinicians, and educations all sharing scientific findings, clinical approaches and visionary ideas regarding the integration of mindfulness into 21st century medicine, health care, and broader societal institutions.

Research Symposia

John and Tussi Kluge Translational Neuroscience Symposium on Mindfulness since 2011

MBSR Teacher Trainers Symposia

Annual gathering of MBSR certified teachers and centers from around the world since 2012.

International Scientific Conference Archives

Recordings of past conferences may be ordered here.

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