CommonGood Affiliation Levels

CommonGood™ affiliation is structured for organizations of varying teaching capacity in MBSR Professional Education and Training.

  Available Now Available beginning 2018*
Benefits Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
MBSR Fundamentals plus Supervision plus Practice Teaching Intensive plus Teacher Certification Review plus Mind-Body Medicine
Use of CFM name and logo on website and promotions
Listing on UMass CFM website
Link on UMass CFM to affiliate's website
Marketing and communications support services by CFM
MBSR curricula review every 3 years
Access to UMass CFM Clinical Bulletin
Tuition adjustment option, 10% up or down, from CFM tuition
Periodic assessment by CFM team
Periodic affiliate teacher assessment and feedback
cfmHOME private room
Affiliate programs stated as "UMASS CFM programs or equivalent"
Annual global, virtual meeting with other CommonGood affiliates
Research Registry (INDRA-M) 10% discount (when available)      
Opportunity for faculty exchange and visiting scholars (by application)    
Access and discounts to UMass CFM programs and Oasis Institute trainings    
Research Registry (INDRA-M) 15% discount (when available)    

*In 2017, MBSR Train-the-Trainer courses will be available, providing the opportunity to become an MBSR teacher trainer. Level 5 affiliates may be considered for potential CFM extension school status.
Final and detailed benefits, terms and conditions will be amplified in the legal agreement between the affiliate organization and the CFM.

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