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BRIDGE Innovation & Business Development Team


Executive Vice Chancellor – BRIDGE Innovation & Business Development 

The office of EVC - BRIDGE Innovation & Business Development provides leadership, vision and comprehensive business strategy to commercialize intellectual property portfolio and lead business transactions for UMass Chan Medical School and its various affiliates. We are eager to work with variety of external entities, including investors, established as well as new pharma/biotech companies, incubators and other research organizations. 

The various functions including New Ventures, Operations, Transactions/IP Management report to this office and together enable establishment of NewCo spin-outs, alliances, licensing agreements and novel investment/collaboration structures in line with UMass Chan’s strategic goals.

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New Ventures

The New Ventures (NV) group is the first point of contact for UMass Chan researchers and external partners alike. This group is responsible for proactively scouting UMass Chan Medical School to identify and evaluate commercializable assets and platform technology and match them with potential partners in biotech, pharma and investor ecosystem. The New Venture team leads early structuring and negotiation up to term-sheet stage and works with Transaction team towards definitive contracts.

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  • profile photo of Huseyin Mehmet

    Huseyin Mehmet, PhD

    Executive Director, New Ventures

    Gene Therapy Platform Technologies, Metabolic Disease
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  • profile photo of Carole Burns

    Carole Burns, PhD, Patent Agent

    Director, New Ventures

    Diagnostics, Immunology, Oncology
  • profile photo of Abbas Abdallah

    Abbas Abdallah, PhD

    Sr. Business Development Manager

    RNA Therapeutics Institute(RTI), Radiology
  • profile photo of Sylvia Bonilla, PhD

    Sylvia Bonilla, PhD

    Manager, New Ventures

    Gene Editing, Devices & Diagnostics
  • profile photo of Aleyo Chabeda

    Aleyo Chabeda, PhD

    Associate, New Ventures

  • profile photo of Ozge Yildiz, PhD

    Ozge Yildiz, PhD

    Manager, New Ventures

    Gene Therapies, Rare Diseases
  • profile photo of Neha Samant

    Neha Samant, PhD

    Associate, New Ventures

Business Development

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  • profile photo of Dan Rippy

    Dan Rippy

    Executive Director, Business Development

Business Development Operations & Accounting

Business Development Operations works across all functions of the Business Development team (New ventures, Transactions, Finance) to ensure operational effectiveness, cross-functional co-operation/deal flow and lead initiatives that ensure wider and systematic outreach to enable effective commercialization.

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Business Development Accounting is responsible for reporting, budgeting, royalty revenue and distribution, database management, accounts payable/receivable, invoicing, financial analysis, operational data analysis, audit support, and information systems support for business development

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  • profile photo of Kristin Hubbard

    Kristin Hubbard

    Accounting Manager


Transactions provides end-to-end contracting process and produces legal documents/solutions for variety of license and sponsored research agreements (SRA), material transfer agreements (MTAs), confidentiality agreements (CDAs) and Core services agreements to facilitate needs of UMass Chan researchers, new venture team & external partners. Transactions team works in close coordination with New Ventures and IP management team.

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  • profile photo of Alanna Spero, JD, MS

    Alanna Spero, JD, MS

    Group Leader, Director - Transactions

  • profile photo of Suzy Rosov, JD

    Suzy Rosov, JD

    Group Leader, Director - Transactions

  • profile photo of Michael Legregni, JD

    Michael Legregni, JD

    Associate Director Transactions

  • profile photo of Bryan Flynn, MA

    Bryan Flynn, MA

    Senior Manager, Transactions

IP Management

This team is responsible for receiving Invention Disclosures and filing/maintenance of UMMS IP portfolio including core IP, out and in-licensed IP and collaborative agreements and help drive they key actions and decisions required to build and defend a strong IP portfolio with broad coverage of UMMS inventions

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  • profile photo of Patricia Wynne, PhD, MBA, Patent Agent

    Patricia Wynne, PhD, MBA, Patent Agent

    Director, Intellectual Property

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  • profile photo of Debra Valle

    Debra Valle

    Docketing Paralegal

  • profile photo of Chase Gerold

    Chase Gerold, PhD

    Associate Director, Intellectual Property Management