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Community Health Clerkship - Health Advocacy


This page provides a resource for wanting to learn about advocacy activities by agencies serving selected populations and to learn about student volunteer efforts in Massachusetts. The site provides advocacy templates done by first year medical students as part of a Community Health Clerkship and document the focus of these agencies. For each topic there is a description of what the students do and then the advocacy template. Under Student Advocacy link are descriptions of student led groups and their advocacy activities


 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Injury Prevention  icon   Family Advocates of Central MA 
 Refugee and Immigrant Health - Boston  icon  Rural and Resort Mental Health Issues and Services 
 Refugee and Immigrant Health - Worcester  icon  Faces and Places of the Urban Underserved 
 Health Care Access for People with Disabilities  icon  Geriatrics 
 Correctional Health Care  icon  School Health Overweight Prevention 
 Improving Access to Care in Underserved Latino Community  icon  Optimizing Perinatal Outcomes Through Women's Health Services 
 Health Policy and Politics in Massachusetts  icon  Health Issues and Health Care in Worcester Public Schools 
 Adult Mental Retardation  icon  Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Health 
 Homelessness  icon  Department of Public Health 
 Community Health Workers-A Valued Health Access Liaison - Homelessness  icon  Community Health and Health Care Delivery in Rural Central MA 
 Community Health Workers-A Valued Health Access Liaison - Diabetes Mellitus  icon Children Living with Multiple Disabilities at the Mass Hospital School for Children 
 Subtance Abuse - Intravenous Drug Use  icon