FSHD Biomaterials

Requests for Materials

The Wellstone MD CRC will provide materials to other members of the research community and not just intra-Wellstone MD CRC investigators. Requests for resources (e.g. cells) and services not found on the public site should be made through Core A with a request in writing via email or website to the Director and Co-Director, or his or her designee for the materials core, for such services.

FSHD Muscle Cell Repository

The UMMS Senator Paul D. Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Cooperative Center for FSHD is distributing low passage FSHD and control primary skeletal muscle cell strains and immortalized clinal cell lines. Click HERE for details.

Protocols for Cell Isolation and Culture

Culturing Immortalized Human Muscle Cells
Human Muscle Cell Isolation
[Updated February 2011]

Culturing Human Muscle Cells Emerson Lab Protocol 
[Updated February 2011]

CD56-Antibody Staining of Primary Human Myoblasts For FACS Analysis

Emerson Lab CD56 Sorting Protocol
[Updated December 2010]