Health Clearance Requirements Overview:

The following is a checklist for you to use as you complete the student health requirements. All sections must be completed BEFORE the start of class. This checklist is included in the admission packet (GSBS students do not receive an admission packet) that will mailed to you but may also be downloaded for you convenience from the Student Health Services (SHS) website Any documentation related to health clearance requirements will need to be completed by your provider on the Health Clearance Form.   If you are unable to receive immunization from your doctor attached is a list of local immunization clinics.  WALGREENS IMMUNIZATIONS    FREE CLINICS    ST. V'S IMMUNIZATIONS If you have insurance coverage you can go to Redi Med on route 9 in Shrewsbury MA

**NOTE: If you are a GSBS student, immunization history without titers is acceptable.**

You MUST submit the enclosed documentation indicating that you have had a physical exam within the past year. Your doctor or nurse practitioner must sign this form.

You MUST attach official lab documentation for the blood tests required in addition to immunization history if you are school of medicine and graduate school of nursing students.

Measles: Lab documentation of positive serology or dates of immunizations.

Rubella: (German measles): Lab documentation of positive serology or dates of immunizations.

Mumps: Lab documentation of positive serology or dates of immunizations.

Hepatitis B: Lab documentation of positive serology and dates of immunizations.

Varicella: (chicken pox) Lab documentation of positive serology or 2 doses of Varicella vaccine.

Tetanus: A one-time Tdap (Pertussis component included) is required

2-Step Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST): Documentation of a 2-step Tuberculosis skin test is required within 3 months of the start of school. Please refer to Health Clearance Form for specific TST requirements. 2-Step TST Information sheet also attached.

**NOTE: If you have a history of a positive TST, results and documentation of treatment if any must be provided. In addition, a copy of a chest x-ray report taken within the last year for any positive TST must also be provided.

Chest X-ray  Treatment

Blood Borne Pathogen Policy: All School of Medicine and Graduate Schol of Nursing students must read and sign the Blood Borne Pathogen Policy and return with your packet.





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