Message from the Chair

Max P. RosenWelcome to the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Radiology website. Our Department of Radiology is a large complex enterprise with mature, fully developed clinical, research and educational components. This website focuses on the research and educational components of our Department while the clinical services are detailed on the UMass Memorial Medical Center website.

Our clinical faculty serves two major full-service hospital campuses with a broad array of complex tertiary care pathology in all the major medical and surgical disciplines including Trauma, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Brain and Stroke, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Orthopedics and Rheumatology, Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Diseases. We utilize advanced imaging technology throughout including fast CT scanners, digital mammography, bi-plane angiography, PET CT, and a high field 3.0 Tesla clinical MRI system scheduled to be installed in mid-2012. The department is fully digital with universal computed radiography, PACS, and voice recognition. Overall exam volume approaches 500,000 annually with approximately 35 FTE staff radiologists.

Education and Research activities of the Department are equally significant as you will see below. Our residents enjoy a formal American Board of Radiology based conference curriculum with both internal faculty and invited external speakers along with strong exposure to key areas including OB ultrasound, GI Fluoroscopy, Interventional, and independent night call responsibility. Most of our graduating residents find positions in fellowships of their choice.

The Research Program is world class with major laboratory facilities in high field MRI, Neurovascular/Stroke, Molecular Imaging, Digital Imaging, SPECT CT, and Biomarker probes. Overall there are some 25 full-time Basic Scientists, and our NIH funding for the year 2010 ranks us 23rd nationally among U.S. Radiology Departments.

Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact my office or any of our senior faculty for further information.

Max P. Rosen, MD, MPH
Professor and Chair