Joy McCann Professorship Selection

The explicit intent of the Joy McCann Foundation is that the stipend be used to encourage, inspire, and reward the recipient to promote the advancement of women.

Nomination Letters

Nomination letters for the Joy McCann Professorship will be solicited in 2017 from UMass/ UMMHC chairs, faculty, medical students or residents. Please read this page for details of nomination criteria. Nomination letters are to include a written, one-page letter describing the nominee’s teaching, service, clinical care, leadership and mentoring skills. Self-nomination is not permitted.

Candidate Eligibility

The Successful Candidate:

  • will be a full-time female academic clinician and faculty member of UMMS with at least 5 years of full-time service;
  • will have served as an effective mentor, advisor or role model to other faculty, medical students or residents in teaching, research or clinical care;
  • will have demonstrated leadership at the local, regional/community, or national level;
  • will have a clear and strong vision of how the Joy McCann Professorship will allow her to promote the success of women medical students, residents, and faculty at UMMS

Professorship Responsibilities

In addition to promoting the success of women faculty, residents and medical students, during her three year tenure, the Joy McCann Professor will be expected to:

  • become an active member of the Women’s Faculty Committee and the Women's Leadership Work Group;
  • report annually on progress to the Women's Faculty Committee, the Women’s Leadership Work Group, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the Joy McCann Professorship Program;
  • report annually all activities and expenditures to the Office of Faculty Affairs

Selection Process

  1. A review committee is assembled, comprised of leaders from the Women’s Faculty Committee, Office of Faculty Affairs, medical student body or residents from the graduate medical training programs.
  2. The committee reviews nominations and selects candidates for a thorough review. These candidates are asked to submit 3 letters of support (one must be a letter from their chair), their CV, and a narrative statement including their vision for the Professorship (not to exceed four pages).
  3. The committee selects finalists, who are interviewed individually. Important components of the interview include documentation of the candidate’s leadership and mentoring successes and assessment of each candidate’s vision regarding how the Professorship would allow the candidate to promote the success of women medical students, residents and faculty of UMMS.
  4. After deliberation of all the information compiled, the committee ranks the candidates and submits their recommendations to the Dean of the Medical School, who makes the final selection of the Joy McCann Professor.